“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”
 Elvis Presley

Delivering hassle free, effective performance...

A Comprehensive HR Service in touch With an Organisation’s Needs

  • Recruiting staff best suited for your organisation to eliminate the time and financial implications of a mismatch.

  • Comprehensive, up to date employment contracts for permanent and limited duration appointments in line with labour legislation requirements to avoid complications at termination.

  • Professional and personal coaching to facilitate integration of new staff, new role fulfillment and optimal ongoing performance and delivery.

  • Clearly documented policies and procedures that ensure staff are treated fairly and consistently.

  • Successful mediation of conflicts and disputes

  • Performance evaluations and management including Incentive and Staff Reviews to optimise work delivery.

  • Disciplinary Handbook with Code and stress free disciplinary hearings.

  • Record keeping of all personal data - Staff’s Personal Particulars, Leave, Basic Conditions of Employment, Codes of Conduct, Rules etc.

  • Compensation, pensions, bonuses, etc. in liaison with payroll.

  • Training and career development.

  • Confidential advice to internal 'customers' in relation to problems at work.

Unlocking your human capital.

For an assessment of your organisation’s HR and coaching needs, please email jessica@humantouch.co.za.

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"Jessica was very helpful and approachable and knew exactly how to treat each person individually."
Judy Reynolds - Accounts Manager - The Reynolds Group