“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”
 Elvis Presley

Leadership coaching is the tool that can accelerate performance and bring out the best in you and your team...

Coaching provides leaders with the skills to create working environments that enhance performance. This can result in increased job satisfaction and fulfilment, and therefore, productivity and retention. Moreover, it can increase alignment between organisational, team and individual goals which are vital to achieving business results.

Our coaching programs will assist you & your leaders to:

  • Be aware of individual leadership strengths and areas for development, and have a personal plan for change

  • Learn how to respond effectively and constructively across a diverse range of situations

  • Take full ownership and responsibility for behaviour, decisions and actions

  • Understand how to engage people and create a high performing team

  • Deal effectively with people issues when they arise, and before they turn into crises

  • The result will be an organisation where management and employees work together to identify and achieve excellence and manage change productively.

"Jessica inspires me to take risks. She challenges me to set goals and to achieve them."
Abigail Adams – HR Manager – James House

Finding your personal balance.

For an assessment of your organisation’s HR and coaching needs, please email jessica@humantouch.co.za.

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